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About Garry F Liday Corp.

We at Garry F. Liday Corporation work with people of all ages.

We work with our clients by asking questions to determine what is best for each person individually. We work with our clients to help protect, grow and preserve their assets.

Our Clients Want:

1. Principal Protection
(our clients want their principal protected from risk)

2. Keeping it Simple
(Providing FREEDOM from a complicated financial portfolio)

Garry received an award for Outstanding Speaking at the Leadership Speakers Academy at West Point

We believe in the GREEN line.
Take a look at the chart below and ask yourself,
“Where would I rather have my money?” If you are like our clients, your answer would be,
“I want my money in the GREEN line!”

(503) 620-3531

Go back 50 years. Would you rather have your money in the RED line which is the roller coaster stock market or in the GREEN line where your principal is protected?

(503) 620-3531


  • Is some or all of your money at risk?
  • Are you concerned with market volatility?
  • Do you have enough money saved for retirement?
  • Who would fund your retirement or take care of you if you are unprepared?
  • Do you want your principal protected in case of an emergency?

If just one of these items are a concern you need to call us NOW at (503) 620-3531